Making the Transition to Trainer (T2T)

Apprenticeship training is a collaborative partnership: employer and employee associations, government and educational institutions each play their own roles in this training process.  However, most learning takes place through the daily interaction between the apprentice and the journeyworker.  Transition to Trainer is a course that was developed by and for  Wisconsin's apprenticeship community.

Designed for Final Year Apprentices

Transition to Trainer targets final year apprentices who will, as journeyworkers, soon be responsible for passing on their skills to new apprentices.  Developed by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, this 8 hour course teaches soon-to-be journeyworkers how to serve as a mentor and job coach, how to provide hands-on skill training, and how to give positive and effective performance feedback.

Comprised of 5 Learning Plans 

Lesson 1, "Making the Transition," teaches attendees the value of their role as a journeyworker trainer.
Lesson 2, "Providing Orientation," focuses on the key roles of coach and mentor while orienting new apprentices to the workplace.
Lesson 3, "Fostering a Positive Work Environment," explores the characteristics of a positive and diverse work environment and strategies for maintaining a positive culture, including being an ally or advocate.
Lesson 4, "Planning Hands-on Skills Training," examines the learning cycle and allows practice teaching skills to others.
Lesson 5, "Giving Feedback on Performance," teaches how to deliver feedback that facilitates the growth and development of the apprentice.

T2T Course Calendar

Wisconsin Apprenticeship's Transition to Training (T2) course is taught by qualified professionals and is typically held at a Technical Colleges campus. This required course should be taken in the last year of your apprenticeship program.  All sessions must be attended in order to receive credit.  Please register early to ensure a place in class. The decision to run a class is based on the number of registrations received; some classes may be canceled due to low enrollment.

Printable T2T Calendar (via WTCS website).

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