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Q1. When am I getting paid?
Contracts are paid according to contract terms. Please see the payment schedule.
Q2. Where do I get the latest forms?
The latest forms and instructions are located on the CORe web site by clicking on the Forms and Instructions link on the right side of the CORe home page.
Q3. What should I include when I email my expenditure report to CORe?
To make certain your invoices are processed correctly, you are required to follow some simple naming standards and procedures. This is required because CORe processes a large volume of grants for DCF and DWD. Please read carefully - failure to follow these processing requirements may result in your agency’s payment being delayed.
  • The Excel spreadsheet must be saved as "Agency Code Agency Name Program Month Year.xls." For example, Badger County's January 2010 W-2 report would be saved as 99 Badger W2 01 2010.xls. If the spreadsheet is not saved in the correct format, or saved as an incorrect month, it will not be picked up and processed by the system automatically.
  • The email to CORe should include the same information in the subject line as the file name. Therefore, the subject line in the email for Badger County as shown above would state "99 Badger W2 01 2010".
  • For DWD grants only, reports submitted to the CORe email box of will be processed.
  • For DCF grants only, reports submitted to the CORe email box of will be processed. Also see Expenditure Report Procedures.
Q4. Do I need to file paper copies of the CORe expenditure reports?
No, paper copies of the electronic expenditure reporting forms are not required.
Q5. What needs to be in the final report for a contract?
The final report must contain all the information included in the last month’s report, modified for any changes from the original last month report.  Do not send just the changes from the original last report, as CORe operates on a replacement basis and all the expenditures not reported on the final report will not be reimbursed.

For example: The agency has two line codes, with the original amounts reported as $15,000 on LC 0861 and $10,000 on LC 0700. After the contract ended, but within the closeout time period specified, the agency finds another $2,000 which should have been reported on LC 0700 and there were no changes to LC 0861. On the final report, LC 0861 should be $15,000 and the amount on LC 0700 should be $12,000.
Q6. What should I do if it's past the due date for filing my expenditure report?
If it's past the due date for filing your agency's report, payment will be made with the next regular payment batch.  So, we recommend that you combine your expenses with those for the current month and report by the next due date.

If you prefer to file separate reports, CORe staff will accept a monthly expenditure report up to 21 days after the due date. However, payment will still be made with the next regularly scheduled payment batch.

Note: If it is the final month of your contract, this advice does not apply and the closeout procedures must be followed.
Q7. What should I do if I need to file several months' reports at once?
Combine data from the months in a single expenditure report for the current reporting month.

For example: It is April 2007 and Badger Agency discovers it needs to file reports for the first quarter of the year.  In this case, Badger Agency should add together all its expenses for January through March, and submit them for processing in the CORe system as a single report dated 03 2007.

Note: The only times you should not combine reports are:
  • if a contract had ended for a code (see above regarding final reports), or
  • if your program monitor has specifically asked you to submit separate reports.

Q8. What reports does CORe produce?
All CORe reports are located on the CORe web site and can be retrieved from there. An brief overview of key reports is available on the "Getting Started" page. If you have special needs, please email Sue Losen or contact her by phone at 608/266-7915.
Q9. When will the CORe reports be posted to the web?
CORe reports will be posted to the web each morning, updated with information processed the previous business day.
Q10. How can I tell if CORe has received my expense report?
The next business day after you email a report, you can check that your information appears on the Expense Detail report on the CORe website. If your report is submitted after 2:00PM, it may take an additional business day for your report to appear on the website.
Q11. What are the amounts being processed on the 9005 line?
Line Code 9005 is used to track Accounts Receivable (i.e., amounts due to the state). Accounts receivable typically result from large prepayment takebacks, correction(s) of expenditure report(s), large Medicare collection, etc. In order to help agencies identify monthly expenditures while in a "due to state" status, CORe monthly reports list your current expenditures as paid with an offsetting amount in code 9005 for the accounts receivable.  All future payments will be netted against 9005 until the balance is eliminated.
Q12. There seems to be something unusual about my report, what should I do?
Please go to the CORe home page and check the news flash where we provide information on unusual transactions. We recommend you enter the CORe web site through the home page all the time so you have the most up to date information on CORe.
Q13. How is the "prepayment takeback" determined?
For a typical contract with prepayments, "take back" is processed in the final 2 months of the contract period. During this time, the CORe payment calculation compares total expenses-reported-to-date to total payments-made-to-date and reduces the reimbursement payment by a portion of the prepayment outstanding (normally 50%), so that the amounts are "trued up" by the end of the contract period. Any deductions that cannot be made from the current reimbursement calculation will result in an accounts receivable due to DWD.

See the W-2 resources page for a numeric example.  While the contract codes used in the example are specific to W-2, the process is similar for any contract processed in CORe.
Q14. Whom can I contact with further questions?
Please refer to the CORe Contacts page.

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