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Sending Email Messages as Text Messages

image: Sending Email Messages as Text Messages

Most wireless carriers allow you to send an email message to their customers that they will receive as a text message on their phone. This website provides instructions on sending these messages through most major wireless service providers:


Training and Mentorship Research

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The Institute on Community Inclusion (ICI) recently released the results of their study, Improving Job Development Through Training and Mentorship:


Learn to Read Faster!

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A recently-featured Mind Tools resource was an article that provided tips on reading faster and retaining what is read. You can read the article at http://www.mindtools.com/speedrd.html.

Mind Tools provides web-based career development and improvement resources. You can sign up for their free newsletter at http://www.mindtools.com/.

Thank You For a Job Well Done

Judy Dewane - VRC, Surgeon Bay
Thank you for the kind words and your continued help throughout the years! ... The Washington DC opportunity is indeed the same thing you forwarded me last year (when I was a finalist). I am hoping I can make it over the hump and land an internship on Capitol Hill (it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity), and all thanks to you!

Evelyn Cummings and Rita Olin - CCP, Central Office
(email received from Cindy Zwald - VRC, Dodgeville - after training grant submission issues were discovered and addressed)

I learned so much from my mistake - I now consider it a good thing that I made the error. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Sandra Valentine - VRC, Green Bay
You all at DVR, especially you, Sandy, have been wonderful in helping me onward toward my goal of developing a home-based part-time business, and I too feel that it's time to end our formal relationship. But you will be fondly remembered for guiding me through the maze, "holding my hand" on occasion, easing my frustrations with the "hoops," and connecting me with invaluable resources. I especially say "thanks" for setting me up with Andy Clark. He too has made this journey possible with his wisdom, experience, and expertise. And, of course, thanks to DVR for purchasing the equipment that has allowed me to get up and running!

Many blessings to you, Sandy, I wish you God's best as you continue helping others.

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New Faces/Transfers:

  • Anthony Dzialowy, VR Counselor - Hayward
  • Jenna Schafer, VR Counselor - Fond du Lac
  • Timothy Solfest, VR Counselor - La Crosse (from LTE in Eau Claire)
  • Sarah Shannon, VR Counselor - Waukesha
  • Robert Porter, VR Program Associate (LTE) - Milwaukee NW
  • Vera Suckow, VR Program Associate (LTE) - Milwaukee South
  • Patty Noland, WDA 6 Director
  • Lela Yang, VR Counselor - Milwaukee South
  • Suzanne Lee, LTE - Cold Case Unit (Central Office)


  • Paul Vogt, VR Counselor - WDA 11
  • Debra Millman, VR Counselor - WDA 10