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Workplace Violence

John Haugh, Director for DVR Bureau of Consumer Services

There have been a number of incidents over the last several months of DVR consumers threatening to harm staff or to cause damage to DVR offices. In all of these cases, the authorities were contacted. Each incident was unique and handled differently, but the actions taken included creating a lockdown in DVR offices, denying access to DWD/DVR offices for individuals and case closure.

The incidents served as a reminder that it is important to be familiar with DWD policies and procedures related to workplace violence and safety.

Most importantly, DWD has a zero tolerance policy when dealing with threats from consumers or the public toward our staff or facilities. The guiding principles of this policy include:

  • The safety and security of our staff, customers and visitors is paramount.
  • Employees are empowered to act decisively to protect the safety of themselves, other employees, visitors and customers.
  • Employees are responsible for knowing what to do during an emergency, including knowing what communication procedures to follow.

You can find additional details in DWD Policy 303: Employee Safety and Security: http://dwdworkweb/dwdpolicy/303.htm.

It is also important to remember that DWD staff can and should call State Capitol Police or their local police agency if they see or are aware of activities, items or people that are threatening or suspicious. If you think something is not right and should be checked, call the police.

Scam Targeting DVR Consumers image: Scam Picture

Submitted by Gina Haupt, DVR Social Security Reimbursement and Ticket to Work Specialist

The prevalence of scams involving DVR clients appears to be on the rise. This past month, a scam targeting DVR consumers and those receiving SSI or SSDI was brought to my attention by Meredith Dressel, Mark Poffinbarger, and Kay Lechner.

Around the end of January, one of Kay's consumers was contacted by a person who said they were with a company called "Green Money". The number they called from was 202-407-9059. They called the consumer several times and told the consumer that they got her name, number, and disability information from DVR. They went on to say that they wanted to provide the consumer with a grant and provided her an access code.

The consumer, concerned about the legitimacy of the offer, contacted her counselor to ask if DVR really had given her information to an outside source.

Of course DVR had not.

At this point, the information was passed on to several others including myself. I called the number twice. The first time, I explained who I was and immediately the person became very nervous and stated that I had the wrong number and hung up. The second time, I called from a different number and said I had gotten a call from 202-407-9059 and was wondering who this was. The person on the phone said he was from the "US Government Grant Department" and stated to me that he was a federal employee.

Read the full article.

Workplace Wellness

image: Scam Picture

Submitted by Les Mirkin, WDA 10 Director

Thanks to our Wellness Team representatives, Nicole Degner and Amanda Taylor, WDA 10 had an extremely tasty and healthy pre-lunch snack after our recent WDA 10 staff meeting. Please congratulate the winning bakers - Nicole Luebbers and Katy Koehler.

Thank you Amanda and Nicole and all my fellow baker competitors! Here's to the continuation of a healthy year!


Thanks for a Job Well Done

Gillian Van Dien - VRC, Madison

Email from high school teacher

Thank you for coming to Waunakee last Friday to present to the teachers. I heard many positive comments from the staff. Thanks again!

Lea Collins-Worachek - WDA 2 Director

Employer Testimonial - Farmers Insurance, Brookfield

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for the wonderful candidates you referred to me. Out of all the interviews I have conducted, working with the OJT initiative has been the smoothest system I have come across. On top of that, the candidates I interviewed were top notch. All were a great match for what I was looking for which made it hard to decide who would fit best. I have already recommended your service to a number of my colleagues and am CC-ing my District Manager in order for you two to be in contact with each other. There may be an opportunity for you to present your program at one of our meetings but that is his lane. Again, I am grateful for your partnership and am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Gwen Steele - VRC, Ladysmith

I just wanted to say hi and thanks again for all your help and kindness through the years. Take care of yourself.

Robert Abegglen - VRC, Manitowoc

I want to thank the DVR, especially Rob. Rob is not only a good Ambassador for the DVR, he has given me the ability to go back to work and finish my life with purpose. There is no question that this program should be extended to anyone with disabilities. Furthermore it is, in my opinion that Rob is a hard working, wonderfully educated gentleman that does your department proud. There are so many other factors that have allowed me to get back to school and start living life again. I wish the best to all that have participated in the success that this program brings.

Jim Mazzetti (VRC), Connie Riemer (CCC), Patty Noland (WDA Director) - WDA 6

Thank you so much for helping me get the car!! It is wonderful!! Thank you so much for being so great to work with -- you are always kind and professional. Please thank Connie and Patty also. Now I feel more confident about work and about things in general. I will continue working hard and saving and doing my best. Thanks again.

Outlook Tip/Reminder

Please remember - if you schedule any recurring appointments in Outlook, you have to include an end date (or you might have issues with editing them or Outlook may totally lock up). The Outlook FAQ page on the WorkWeb provides additional information - http://dwdworkweb/asdhelp/outlook/deletecal.htm#recurring.

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Form Letter Updates

All four closure letters and the two new OOS/Eligibility Category 1 letters which were recently updated/added to IRIS have also been updated on the DVR Forms Webpage - http://dwdworkweb/dvr/forms/default.htm.

Knowledgebase Updates

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers:

  • Suzanne Lee, WDA 11 Director
  • Carlos Ramos-Ortolaza, LTE VR Assistant (Madison)
  • Jennifer Koleske, LTE VR Assistant (Racine)
  • Katherine Thornton, VR Counselor (Dodgeville)
  • Barbara Godsey, VR Counselor (West Bend)
  • Yvette Moeller, Employment Specialist (Racine)
  • Kurt Barikmo, Employment Specialist (Milwaukee)
  • Joshua Johnson, Employment Specialist (Milwaukee)
  • Bianca Shaw, Employment Specialist (Milwaukee)
  • Scott Schlicher, Employment Specialist (Green Bay)
  • Kevin Virobek, Employment Specialist (Green Bay)
  • Michael Exum, Employment Specialist (Madison)
  • Leslie George Heideman, Employment Specialist (Madison)
  • LaShana Miller, Employment Specialist (Madison)


  • Cynthia Cain, Cold Case Unit
  • Megan Grasser, VR Counselor (WDA 6)