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DVR in the News

Kenosha News

The Kenosha News recently highlighted a DVR consumer in a story that details her experience as a person with a disability who utilized DVR services to achieve her employment goals.

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Governor Scott Walker attended the graduation ceremony at St. Elizabeth Hospital on June 5, 2014, in Appleton.

DWD Press Release.


DWD Deputy Secretary Dave Anderson attended the graduation ceremony at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center on June 5, 2014 in Menomonie.

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Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch attended the graduation ceremony at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin on June 12, 2014, in Milwaukee.

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Governor Scott Walker attended the graduation ceremony at Waukesha Memorial Hospital on June 13, 2014.

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Senior Helpers, Milwaukee, Awards Caregiver of the Year to DVR Consumer

image:Senior Helpers PhotoA DVR consumer, Loretta M., was recently awarded a Caregiver of the Year award by Senior Helpers. Loretta (center) is pictured here with DWD Secretary Reggie Newson and DVR Counselor Alena Newberry.

DWD Press Release.

An excerpt of what was read at the award ceremony by Loretta's supervisor:

We all have those go to people in our lives - whether it's mom, spouse, best friend, whoever. When it comes to Senior Helpers, Loretta is our go to person. With any crazy assignment or last minute fill-in, Loretta is always grateful to help out and take on new tasks.

Loretta has this unique capability to identify with any client she is working with. Loretta sees our clients as people with feelings and thoughts and recognizes their needs and addresses them immediately. She always goes above and beyond to make sure the clients feel safe and comfortable with her. She makes it a point to form a special bond with each and every client she has. She makes such a positive presence out in the field that within a couple of months of working for us she already had a client referral that wanted care just so they could see Loretta.

We cannot express our appreciation enough for everything she does any more. We would trust her with our own families, and would never hesitate to send her anywhere. She dedicates so much of her life to caring for these people, not for the money, but because she sees the clients as her own family.

Oftentimes Loretta picks up crazy hours that probably make her feel more like a taxi driver than caregiver, but you will never hear her complain and instead so nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to work at Senior Helpers. Loretta is definitely the type of Caregiver everyone should strive to be.

La Crosse DVR Office Move

The DVR La Crosse office was open for business at their new location on Monday, June 30th. DVR joins other Wisconsin workforce partners at the Workforce Development Center in the East Ward Commerce Center at 2615 East Avenue South in La Crosse.

DWD News Release.

US Department of Education Announces New Accountability Standards for Schools

The U.S. Department of Education has announced a major change in the way it evaluates the effectiveness of state special education programs. Under the new plan, called Results-Driven Accountability, the Department will be asking for information not just about whether students with disabilities are accessing services and being evaluated, but also if they are making academic progress.

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Thanks for a Job Well Done

Jill Rios - VRC, West Bend

I would really like to send a special thanks to you. You went out of your way to treat me fairly and see that my hearing needs were met.

Staff Updates

New Faces/Transfers

  • Eric Smith, Consumer Case Coordinator (LTE), Jefferson
  • Jessica Schneider, VR Counselor, Janesville
  • Emily Raclaw, VR Counselor (PROMISE Project), West Allis
  • Heidi Aringer, VR Counselor (PROMISE Project), West Allis
  • Gadeen Taylor, VR Counselor, Hayward (From LTE in Janesville)
  • Jack Williams, Consumer Case Coordinator, Milwaukee NE
  • Krista Dudley, VR Counselor, West Allis
  • Marcy Drummy, VR Counselor, Milwaukee NW
  • Amanda Krahenbuhl, VR Counselor, Milwaukee NE
  • Julie Wolf, Consumer Case Coordinator, Green Bay
  • Anese Dupree, VR Counselor, West Allis (Transfer from Kenosha)
  • Jennifer Hunt, VR Assistant (LTE), Green Bay
  • Sharon LaRose, VRC Advanced, WDA 7
  • Anthony Groppi, Consumer Case Coordinator, Milwaukee NW


  • Jerry Jorgenson, VR Counselor, WDA 7
  • Larry Schultz, VR Counselor, WDA 2
  • Gina Howell, VR Counselor, WDA 2
  • Robert Keehn, VR Counselor, WDA 2

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