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Department of Workforce Development

Status of Proposed Emergency Rules

Emergency Rule Effective Date Expiration Date
n/a n/a

Status of Proposed Permanent Rules

Proposed Rule Status
DWD 295: Apprenticeship Completion Award program
- Scope Statement
Status of Rule
DWD 80: Various Worker's Compensation Provisions
- Scope Statement
Status of Rule
DWD 75: Appeal Procedures for persons applying for or receiving vocational rehabilitation services
- Scope Statement
Status of Rule
DWD 80.13 Audio Recording of Worker's Compensation Hearings
- Scope Statement
Status of Rule

Public Comment on the Economic Impact of Proposed Administrative Rules

The Department of Workforce Development is in the process of preparing an economic impact analysis (EIA) for the proposed administrative rules found below. The Department is interested in obtaining information and advice from businesses, associations representing businesses, local governmental units, and individuals that may be affected by proposed administrative rules. The comments will be considered when the Department prepares an Economic Impact Analysis under Wis. Stat. § 227.137.

You may comment electronically on a particular rule by clicking on the link in the Submit Electronic Feedback Column for the given rule, or mail feedback to the following:

Department of Workforce Development
Attn: Legal Counsel
P.O. Box 7946
Madison, WI 53707-7946

Pursuant to Executive Order # 50 (2011) and s. 227.137, Wis. Stats., the Department must include the information listed below in an EIA. To review all of the information that must be included in an EIA, you may refer to the Executive Order and statutory provisions.

When submitting comments, please provide specific information in these areas and include any supporting economic data, studies or reports. Please do NOT submit comments on the revisions to the rules at this time.

The following information must be discussed in an EIA:

  1. Any implementation or compliance costs that are reasonably expected to be incurred.
  2. Actual quantifiable benefits of the proposed rule.
  3. Whether the proposed rule would adversely affect in a material way the economy, a sector of the economy, productivity, jobs, or the overall economic competitiveness of the state.
  4. Economic impacts of specific alternatives to the proposed rule.

If you are a small business as defined in s. 227.114(1), Wis. Stats., please identify yourself as a small business in your comments. Please refer to s. 227.19(3)(e)3. and 4. for further information when you are preparing your comments as a small business.

You may view the status of current rulemaking and view documents associated with rulemaking at the Wisconsin Administrative Rules website. Wisconsin state agencies value your involvement in agency decision-making and have created this website to make it easy for you to monitor and participate in rulemaking.

Following the public comment period for the EIA, a revised "Fiscal Analysis and Economic Impact Analysis" will be prepared containing relevant information received. Once the EIA process is completed, the Department will submit the rule package and economic impact analysis to the Legislative Council under s. 227.15, Wis. Stats., and hearings on the proposed rule will then be held after proper notice in accordance with ss. 227.17 and 227.18, Wis. Stats.

Proposed Rule Date Updated Deadline For Submitting Comments Comment
DWD 80: Various Worker's Compensation Provisions March 5 March 19 Comment
DWD 80.13: Audio Recording of Worker's Compensation Hearings March 5 March 19 Comment
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