Weekly Work Search Notice

Document Number:  UCB-12-E

Description:  The front side of this form (page 1 of the attachment) tells a UI claimant that (s)he must look for work in each week to be paid unemployment benefits.  It also tells the claimant what is considered an acceptable search for work and explains that a record of weekly work search activity must be kept.  The back side of the form (page 2 of the attachment) is a work search log to be used by the claimant and should be printed.  If only the work search log is needed, just print page 2.

Comments:  Beginning the evening of September 10, 2014, if you file your weekly claim online, you will enter your required weekly work search information in our website.  We will save the information for you so there will be no need to fill out and keep paper records.  Claimants will need to enter weekly work search information in our system every time they file weekly claims online.

Claimants who file weekly claims by phone must continue to keep records of their weekly work search information for one year.  This Weekly Work Search form is an electronic Microsoft Word template that can be filled out on your computer (if you have Microsoft Word).  If you do not have Microsoft Word we are providing a PDF (UCB-12, UCB-12-H and UCB-12-S) which you can print and complete by hand.  If only the work search log is needed, just print page 2.

Content Contact:  Benefit Operations Staff

Document Attachments:

UCB-12-E (English Electronic Version - Word/49 KB)

UCB-12 (English Print Version - pdf/70 KB)

UCB-12-E-H (Hmong Electronic Version - Word/51 KB)

UCB-12-H (Hmong Print Version - pdf/75 KB)

UCB-12-E-S (Spanish Electronic Version - Word/51 KB)

UCB-12-S (Spanish Print Version - pdf/74 KB)

*** If you need to access this form in an alternate format, please send an email to the Content Contact listed above.

*** Should you require the necessary software to view the above attachment, please go to the DWD Viewers Download Page.  Links to each specific vendor's site have been provided for you.  Thank you.

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