Work Search Log

Document Number:  UCB-12-E

Description:  The front side of this form (page 1 of the attachment) is a work search log to be used by a claimant to record work search actions.  The back side of the form (page 2 of the attachment) contains instructions including examples of valid vs. invalid work search actions.

Comments:  If you file your weekly claim online (using the online Benefit Services system), you must report four work search actions to complete the claim.  The department will keep copies of the work search actions submitted when you file online.  If you file your claim online, you do not have to submit your work search log by mail/fax to the department unless you receive a written request for that work search log in the mail.

If you file your weekly claim using the telephone and are required to look for work, you are required to MAIL or FAX (608-327-6499) a copy of the work search log for the week of your claim.  Work search logs are not submitted by email.  This is the written record of your weekly work search that you already are required to create and retain for your records.  The department will validate your work search before issuing payment.  Your work search log is due 7 days from the date you file your weekly claim.  The department will work diligently to validate logs and issue timely payments as soon as your work search information is received.  The entire process could take up to 10 days.

This form is an electronic Microsoft Word template that can be filled out on your computer (if you have Microsoft Word).  If you do not have Microsoft Word, we have provided a pdf that can be printed and completed by hand.  If only the work search log is needed, just print page 1.

Content Contact:  Benefit Operations Staff at 414-438-7713 or 608-232-0824.  Hours of operation are available online at

Document Attachments:

UCB-12-E (English Electronic Version - Word/78 KB)

UCB-12 (English Print Version - pdf/42 KB)

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