Glossary of Frequently Used Acronyms: A - F

A&A Able and Available
AA Area Administrator (In the Division of Family Supports, DWD) or Affirmative Action
AAIP Affirmative Action Interim Program.
AAP Affirmative Action Plan or Program
ABC Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin, Inc.
ABE Adult Basic Education
ACAP Apprenticeship Completion Award Program
ACEA Allied Construction Employers Association
ACF Administration for Children and Families
ACIN America's Career Info Net
ACL Assistant Crew Leader
ACMS Appeals Case Management System
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAAG ADA Accessibility Guidelines
ADC Aid to Dependent Children
ADEA Age Discrimination in Employment Act (federal)   Text of the law
ADL Activities of Daily Living
ADS Applicant Data System
ADVETS Assistant Director of Veterans Employment & Training Service
AFB American Foundation for the Blind
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children - replaced by TANF
AFDC-R AFDC payments for single parent households with children
AFDC-U AFDC for two-parent families in which the primary wage earner is unemployed
AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations
AG Assistance Group, Attorney General
AGC Associated General Contractors
AIMS Automated Information Management System
AIW Allied Industrial Workers (see AFL-CIO)
ALC Alien Labor Certification
ALEX America's Labor Exchange System
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
ALMC Area Labor Management Council
ALMIS America's Labor Market Information System
AMS Automated Matching System
AMSO Agency Management, Support and Overhead
ANSI American National Standards Institute Code for Buildings & Facilities
AO Administrative Office
AODA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse.
AOP Annual Operating Plan
APD Advance Planning Document
APHSA American Public Human Services Association
(previously American Public Welfare Association)
APM Administrative Procedures Manual - Now the DWD Policy Manual  
- Internal DWD administrative and personnel policies
APS Automated Personnel System
APSE Association For Persons in Supported Employment
ARC Association for Retarded Citizens
ARP American Rehabilitation Program (formerly NARF)
AS&T Administrative, Support & Technical
ASD Administrative Services Division, DWD
ASSET Automated System Support for Employment and Training
AT Appeal Tribunal
ATD Appeal Tribunal Decision
ARRA American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
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BAA Business Area Analysis
BAS Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards
BAT US Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training
BCN BadgerNet Converged Network
BCS Bureau of Consumer Services; Bureau of Child Support
BEL Business Establishment Listing
BEP Bureau of Employment Programs; Business Enterprise Program
BFO Benefit Fraud Operations
BFOQ Bona Fide Occupational Qualification
BITS Bureau of Information Technology Services (Administrative Services Division)
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics (Federal Dept. of Labor)
BMRLS Bureau of Migrant, Refugee and Labor Services
BMS Bureau of Migrant Services (Division of Workforce Solutions)
BNA Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
BOLA Bureau of Legal Affairs (Division of Unemployment Insurance)
BOLT Basic Occupational Literacy Test
BOP Benefit Overpayment
BORS Benefit Overpayment Recovery System
BPC Benefit Payment Control
BPE Base Period Ending
BPS Bureau of Partner Services (Division of Workforce Solutions)
BQC Benefits Quality Control (also called Benefits Accuracy Measurement)
BR Benefit Rate
BRN Business Resource Network
BST Barrier Screening Tool
BTA Bureau of Tax and Accounting (Division of Unemployment Insurance)
BudWeb BudgetWeb, DWD's budget management system
BWI Bureau of Welfare Initiatives (Division of Workforce Solutions); 
Bureau of Workforce Information (Division of Workforce Solutions)
BWP Bureau of Workforce Programs (Division of Workforce Solutions)
BY Benefit Year
BYE Benefit Year Ending
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CAA Community Action Agency
CAP Community Action Program; Client Assistance Program and Corrective Action Plan
CARES Client Assistance for Reemployment and Economic Support.
CARF National Certification Program for Rehabilitation Facilities
CARS Community Aids Reporting System
CATS Comprehensive Automated Tracking System
CB Cash Bonus
CBD Commerce Business Daily
CBO Community Based Organization
CC Career Counseling Center, Child Care
CCAP Circuit Court Automation Project
CCDBG Child Care Development Block Grant
CCDF Child Care Development Fund
CCH Commerce Clearing House, Inc.
CCPC Child Care Provider Certification
CCPI Child Care Provider Information
CCPS Child Care Payment System
CD Cognitive disability; cognitively disabled
CDHH Council For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
CEDARS Claimant and Employer Data Analysis and Reporting System
CELS CARES Electronic Library System
CEN Continuously Eligible Newborn
CEP Cooperative Education Program
CES (790) Current Employment Statistics Program
CESA Cooperative Educational Service Agency
CEW Center on Education & Work (UW-Madison)
CEW (ES202) Covered Employment and Wages Program
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CH. 47 Wisconsin State Statute re: Vocational Rehabilitation 
- specialized programs for persons with disabilities
CH. 49 Wisconsin State Statute re: public assistance programs
CH. 102 Wisconsin State Statute re: Worker's Compensation
CH. 108 Wisconsin State Statute re: Unemployment Insurance and Reserves
CHIS Coordinators for Hearing Impaired Services
CHSD County Human Services Department
CI Critical Indicators
CIL Center for Independent Living
CIP Community Integration Program
CIV Claimant Identification/Verification
CL Crew Leader
CLMS Caseload Management System
CM Crew Member
CMI Chronically mentally ill
COB Council on Blindness; Current (Employment) Opportunity Bulletin
COC Clerk of Courts
COP Community Options Program
COWS Center on Wis. Strategy
CPR Compliance Policy Review
CPS Computer Platform Services (in ASD Bureau of Information Technology
CR Community Reinvestment
CRC Civil Rights Compliance; certified rehabilitation counselor
CR&D Central Receipt and Disbursement 
(collection and payments for child support)
CSA Client Services Assistant; Child Support Agency
CSAVR Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
CSAW Child Care Statewide Administration on the Web
CSBG Community Services Block Grant
CSC Community Steering Committee
CSE Child Support Enforcement
CSOS Child Support Online Services
CSP Community Support Program
CVSO County Veterans Service Officer
CWC Combined Wage Claim (Unemployment Insurance)
CWEP Community Work Experience Program
CWI Council on Workforce Investment
CWLA Child Welfare League of America
CY Calendar Year
CYG Community Youth Grants
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DA District Attorney
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DCF Department of Children & Families
DCR Directorate of Civil Rights (US)
DD Developmental disability(ies); developmentally disabled; also district director
DDB Disability Determination Bureau
DEI Disability Employment Initiative
DER Department of Employment Relations
DHFS Department of Health & Family Services
DHS Department of Health Services
DIN Decision Item Narrative
DJSD District Job Service Director
DLA Desired Level of Achievement
DLW Dislocated Worker Program
DO District Office
DOA Department of Administration
DOC Department of Corrections
DOE Department of Education
DOH Division of Health, Department of Health & Family Services
DOL US Department of Labor
DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles or Department of Transportation
DPI Department of Public Instruction
DRW Disability Rights Wisconsin (formerly known as Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy)
DSS County department of social services; same as SSD, CDSS
DSU Designated State Unit (for vocational rehabilitation). In Wisconsin, the DSU is the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
DUA Disaster Unemployment Assistance
DVER Disabled Veterans Employment Representative
DVETS Director of Veterans Employment & Training Services
DVOP Disabled Veterans Outreach Program
DVR Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
DW Dislocated Worker
DWD Department of Workforce Development
DWS Division of Workforce Solutions
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EAP Employee Assistance Program
EATS Emergency Assistance Tracking System
EB Extended Benefits (Unemployment Insurance)
EBOD Enterprise Business Organization Database
EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer (Wisconsin QUEST Card)
ECHO Eau Claire Hearing Office (UI)
ECTS Employment Competency Testing System
ED/DD Developmentally disabled persons who are also emotionally disturbed
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDP Employment Development Plan
EDS-F Electronic Data Systems-Federal, fiscal agent for Medical Assistance
EDWAA Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act
EEN Exceptional Educational Needs
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (federal)
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
E-mail Electronic mail or email
EOH End of Healing
EOS Enterprise Output Solution
EPA Equal Pay Act (federal); also Environmental Protection Agency
EPS Equitable Provision of Service
ER Equal Rights
ERD Equal Rights Division
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act
ERO Equal Rights Officer
ERP Eligibility Review Program
ERS Employer Records System
ES Employment Service or Employment Security
ESP Employment Search Program
ESS/UCC ES Services to Unemployment Compensation Claimants Program
E&T Employment and Training
ETA US Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor
ETN Educational Teleconference Network
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FAMIS Family Assistance Management Information System
FAO Financial Aids Office
FAR Functional Assessment Rating
FARS Financial Accounting & Reporting System
FAST Automated Forfeiture Assessment
FBO Faith Based Organization
FEL Fair Employment Law
FEP Fair Employment Practices, Financial Employment Planner
FFP Federal Financial Participation
FICR Federal Indirect Cost Reimbursement
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act (federal)
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act (state) - federal FMLA
FN Failure to Give Notice
FNS Food and Nutrition Service (part of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)
FPL Federal Poverty Level
FR Federal Register; also Failure to Report
FS Food Stamps
FSA Food Stamp Act/Administration
FSET Food Stamp Employment & Training
FSR Financial Status Report
FSS Field Support Specialist
FTE Full Time Equivalent (positions)
FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FVHO Fox Valley Hearing Office (UI - in Appleton)
FY Fiscal Year