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With Amendments to April 2011

WKC-1-P(R. 04/2011)

Table of Contents


  1. Text of Worker's Compensation Act, with 2011 Amendments, p. 1
  2. Text of Other Statutes Relating to Worker's Compensation, p. 113
  3. Rules of Practice-Administrative Code,
    Chapter DWD 80, p. 127
    Chapter DWD 81, p. 172
    Chapters LIRC 1 and 3, p. 230
  4. Subject Index, p. 236
  5. Appendixes,
    Maximum Wage and Rate Chart, p. 254
    Mileage Rates, p. 256
    Private Rehabilitation Counselor Rates, p. 257
    Payments to Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund, p. 258
  6. Suggested Forms for Procedures, p. 262
    WKC-7 - Hearing Application & Instructions (not available electronically)
    WKC-12-E - First Report of Injury
    WKC-13-E - Supplementary Report on Accidents and Diseases
    WKC-13-A-E - Wage Information Supplement
    WKC-16 - Medical Report on Industrial Injury
    WKC-16B - Practitioner's Report on Accident or Industrial Disease in Lieu of Testimony
    WKC-19 - Admission to Service and Answer to Application
    WKC-28 - Labor and Industry Review Commission Petition for Review
    WKC-170 - Third Party Proceeds Distribution Agreement
    WKC-176 - Compromise Agreement
    WKC-6743 - Vocational Expert Report
    WKC-7359 - Temporary Partial Disability
    WKC-9488 - Voluntary and Informed Consent for Disclosure of Health Care Information
    Unnumbered - Suggested Form of Complaint for judicial Review of an Order of the Labor and Industry Review Commission

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