Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employers (UCB-201-P)
Section 1 - Benefits

PART 2 - Required Posters and Notices

Notice to Employees about Applying for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits - Form UCB-7

This poster is provided to all employers covered by Wisconsin's Unemployment Insurance law. Employers are required to prominently display a poster in each work place. To meet this requirement, posters should be permanently posted in a sufficient number of locations at each work site, such as on bulletin boards or near time clocks, so that all employees will have the opportunity to read them. Posters should always be clearly visible and not covered up by other items. One central location will not usually satisfy this requirement unless it is a location which all employees normally use to reach their work stations, to obtain their pay or to eat. If only one location is chosen when several are available, you must notify your workers that the chosen location will be the posting place for all official notices.

The poster is perforated between the four panels for convenient display of individual completed versions in English, Spanish, Hmong and a fourth version with abbreviated instructions in 7 other languages. Call 1-800-247-1744 if you need the poster translated into any other language or to request additional or replacement posters.

If you do not have a permanent work site regularly accessed by your employees, the Department can provide you with individual notices (Form UCB-7D) to be given to each of your employees.

Copy of the English side of the "Notice to Employees about Applying for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits" poster.

Other Special Notices

Chapter DWD 120 also requires that the following special notices be given to certain employees.

Updated: July 7, 2014

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