Youth Apprenticeship Child Labor

The following child labor law information is for Youth Apprenticeship and other work-based learning programs (Co-op, Skills Certified Co-op); Employers, Instructors, Students and Parents.

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Child Labor Information for Work-Based Learning

Student Learner

Wis. Admin. Code DWD 270.14

In order to be considered a student learner, minors must meet the following criteria:

Work Permits

Wis. Stat. 103.70

Required for lawful employment of minors under 18 years of age in work in connection with the business, trade, or profession of an employer. Should the ownership of the business change, the minor would need to obtain a new work permit. A child labor permit does not does not protect the employer if it allows the minor to do any work that is prohibited by child labor laws.

Work Permits are NOT Needed for:

  1. Agricultural work.
  2. Domestic employment - Work within a private home that is not a business, such as babysitting, yard work.
  3. Volunteer work for a non-profit agency, such as a volunteer at a non-profit hospital. Minors cannot perform prohibited work while volunteering. See Wis. Admin. Code DWD 270.18.
  4. The Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Program. Students and employers must have an approved Education Training Agreement on file with the school AND the employer instead.

    NOTE: Students and employers do not need to obtain a separate work permit for the work to be performed as a part of the YA program, although it is highly recommended. If employers hire youth apprentices to perform other work duties outside of their YA duties, a work permit is required.
  5. Court-ordered restitution or court-ordered community service.
  6. A minor may be employed without a permit by a nonprofit organization in and around the home of an elderly person or a person with a disability to perform snow shoveling, lawn mowing, leaf raking, or other similar work usual to the home of the elderly person or person with a disability, if all of the following apply:
    • The work is not in connection with or a part of the business, trade, or profession of that person and is in accordance with the minimum age stated in Wis. Stat. 103.67(2)(fm).
    • The type of employment is not specifically prohibited by Wis. Stat. 103.64 to 103.82 or by any order of the department.
    • The minor is paid the applicable minimum wage under Wis. Stat. 104 or under federal law, whichever is greater for the work.
    • The minor’s parent or guardian provides the nonprofit organization with his or her written consent for the minor to perform the work.
  7. A minor may be employed without a permit as an election inspector.

Hazardous Restrictions

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