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UW-Whitewater Process of Enrollment and Program

This document outlines the requirements and processes required by each non-HS intern who has been accepted into Project SEARCH. Please follow these guidelines carefully to ensure proper enrollment.

UW-Whitewater Process of Enrollment and Program
Due Date Procedure Details Responsibility

August 25th (Fall Semester)


Dec. 31st (Spring Semester)

Send Purchase Order to UWW at


Project SEARCHNon-high school tuition and course fee for Semester Fall and Spring Semester Service provider: UW-Whitewater Cost of service: $274.24 tuition, $100.00 course fee, total $374.24 Consumer needs this assistance due to a disability that creates barriers to employment; this service will assist the consumer to work toward accomplishing long term employment goal identified in the IPE. Comparable benefits not available.

PO: Needs to include following.

Two separate Purchase Orders One for Fall Semester and one for Spring Semester.

Description of PO: Tuition and Course Fee for Project SEARCH site name, Fall Semester or Spring Semester

Description of PO: Tuition and Course Fee for Project SEARCH site name, Fall Semester or Spring Semester

PO's emailed to:

August 25th

Complete UW-Whitewater Application online following steps outlined in UW-Whitewater Project SEARCH Application Instructions.

Submit online via following Project Search Application Instructions
*Online application filled out as soon as possible

DVR Staff
September 30th Sign On-Boarding Agreement

Email to: Whitewater Instructor

Intern & Instructor
Send List of all Project SEARCH sites and Instructors to UW-W Instructor

Email to: Whitewater Instructor

Project SEARCH Statewide Coordinator
Site list assignments Submit all documents by the specified due date on Syllabus

Completed assignments should be emailed to:

Laura Brunke

Before Christmas Break

Before Graduation

Individual video visits between each intern and UW-W Instructor

Project SEARCH Site Instructor will schedule with UW-W Instructor once a semester; Project SEARCH Site Instructor to send meeting invite via preferred platform

Beginning of May Completion Certificates

Laura Brunke will email completion certificates to Instructors within 5 business days of


UWW Contacts: