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February 2021 – OSHA 300A Summary Posting & ITA Electronic Reporting | AHA Heart Month | Burn Awareness Week

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Safety Corner, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Division of Worker's Compensation (DWD/WC) safety blog! I'm using this forum to share some of the current, pertinent safety news and information that I receive from my network of workplace safety professionals and pass along to employers and organizations across Wisconsin.

As a continuation of one's required annual workplace U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training and compliance, discussed in January's safety blog, a reminder that the prior 2020 year's OSHA 300A Summary information/form is to be posted for the workforce's review - Feb 1st to May 1st, then retained on file for 5 years, for possible OSHA inspection review, upon request. Also, March 2, 2021, is the deadline for select employers to electronically report their OSHA Form 300A data (for calendar year 2020) through the OSHA online ITA portal. OSHA Recordkeeping / ITA reporting requirement details can be reviewed at and

About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year - that's 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year from 2014 to 2015.¹ This February is the 57th annual American Heart Heath Month, including the National "Wear Red Day" to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and save lives ("Wear Red Day", the first Friday of the month.) Check out the AHA's and others, including your local medical clinics and hospitals web sites for a host of healthy heart month awareness promotional idea's and materials - - ¹ - heart disease deaths per year

On a related note Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SAC) remains an ongoing concern, especially for our teens/high school athletes as evidenced by a recent January 2021 successful recovery/outcome for a SE Wisconsin high school basketball player victim already in this new year. February Heart Month is yet another good time to "refresh" one's CPR/AED training skills. Learn more at the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation website or read Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation survivor stories. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, National Red Cross, American Heart Association. Various First-Aid/CPR/AED vendors and local hospital/medical organizations can provide additional SAC training and guidance. Sudden cardiac arrest is caused by an abnormality in the heart’s electrical system/structure and is both the leading cause of death on school campuses and the No. 1 killer of student-athletes. It is estimated that 1 in 300 youth unknowingly have an underlying, undetected heart condition.

February is also burn safety awareness month, with its awareness activities focused for the week of February 7-13 - Burn Awareness Week, presents the opportunity for employers and community organizations to educate and mobilize their burn, fire and life safety first-aid education and prevention messaging with the workforce/community. The 2021 theme is Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z)! This afford a good platform and forum to review NFPA 70E electrical safety procedures and methods; and, arc flash FR rated PPE use.

Most Workers Compensation Insurance Agents/Brokers and Underwriting Carriers have Risk Management and Loss Control Consultants, training resources available to supplement and assist in one's safety & health education and training efforts.

As a look ahead, March is Ladder Safety Month. OSHA also promotes their Grain Safety Stand-Down Week mid-month for our agriculture, farm, coop businesses. Severe weather safety – regarding Tornado–Thunderstorms Lighting emergency action plans (EAP) drills are also on the docket. More to follow as we approach March.

Have a Safe Day, Always!!

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