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Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations (AAEEO)

Administrative Rule DWD 296 has been revised by the State of Wisconsin to reflect and comply with revised federal equal employment opportunity (EEO) regulations for registered apprenticeship (29 CFR 30), released by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The updated regulations are divided into two general parts:
1) Provisions affecting all sponsors
2) Provisions affecting sponsors with five or more apprentices, which are subject to an affirmative action plan

Provisions affecting all sponsors

Topic Summary Citation & Resource
Anti-harassment training Provide anti-harassment training to apprentices, journeyworkers and others who regularly work with apprentices. DWD 296.03(2)(d)1

Anti-Harassment Training
Assignment of EEO responsibility Assign responsibility to individual for overseeing EEO activities in the apprenticeship program DWD 296.03(2)(a)
Complaint Notification Notify all apprentices of their right to file a discrimination complaint and the procedures for doing so. DWD 296.03(5)

EEO Poster
Display of updated EEO Pledge Inform all apprentices and applicants of the program's commitment to EEO by posting and publishing the updated EEO pledge DWD 296.03(2)(b)2

EEO Pledge
Expanded discrimination protection Do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age (40 or older), genetic information, or disability information DWD 296.03(1)
Harassment & intimidation complaints Implement procedures to handle and resolve complaints of harassment and intimidation DWD 296.03(2)(d)3
Outreach and recruitment Implement outreach and recruitment measures that extend to all persons available for apprenticeship in the relevant recruitment area DWD 296.03(2)(c)

Outreach Guide
Recordkeeping Maintain records necessary to comply with the EEO regulations and furnish to BAS when requested DWD 296.12
Selection procedures Sponsors are permitted to use any procedures for selecting apprentices that are not discriminatory DWD 296.10

Selection Guidance

Provisions affecting sponsors with five or more apprentices

*These provisions are generally conducted in the order below

Topic Summary Citation & Resource
Written affirmative action program Develop and maintain an affirmative action program and document its components in a written affirmative action plan DWD 296.04
Review of personnel practices Review the program’s personnel practices for potential discrimination, document the review, note any modifications, and repeat annually DWD 296.09
Invitation to disclose disability Applicants for apprenticeship and current apprentices must be invited to self-identify whether they are an individual with a disability DWD 296.11

Disclosure Form
Utilization analysis Compare the race, sex and ethnicity status of the program's apprentices to the demographics of the recruitment area to determine if a disparity exists DWD 296.05
Utilization goals for race, sex, and ethnicity If the analysis shows underutilization of minorities and women, the sponsor must set goals based on the demographics of the recruitment area DWD 296.06
Targeted outreach and recruitment Conduct targeted outreach, recruitment and retention activities where goals are established or where impediments to equal opportunity exist. DWD 296.08
Utilization analysis for individuals with disabilities If individuals with disabilities are represented in the program at a rate less than 7 percent, the sponsor must take corrective action, including outreach and recruitment activities DWD 296.07