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DVR Informed Choice

Guide for Making Choices to Reach Your Job Goal

PDF Version

Guidelines for Making Informed Choices

  • DVR will only provide services that help you reach your job goal. Your right to make choices about the services you need from DVR does not mean DVR can support every choice you make.
  • Your choices should match your job goal and your disability needs. You and DVR must agree that the services you choose are appropriate and a good value for their cost.
  • The job goal you choose should be appropriate, too:
    • Are you able to do the work?
    • Are there job openings matching your job goal where you want to live?
  • You and DVR must agree that to reach your job goal you need the services you choose.
  • DVR must support the lowest-cost option, but you can cover the difference if you make a choice that costs more.

Informed Choices You Can Make in Agreement with DVR

  • A job goal that fits your interests, talents, needs, and values.
  • The amount of help you want to write your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).
  • Services you need to overcome the concerns that brought you to DVR.
  • How long you work with DVR.

How DVR Can Help You Make Informed Choices

  • DVR helps you find the information you need to understand each choice you make.
  • You and your DVR Counselor talk about any work concerns related to your disability.
  • DVR works with you to identify your disability limitations to help you figure out what services you may need to reach your job goal.
  • You can invite anyone you choose to be involved in your DVR case to help you make choices.