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Training Grant Status Reminders

Last Revised

June 2018

Status/Event DVR Reminders FAO Reminders
  • Select the year, school and campus carefully
  • Have Student ID Available
  • Attach signed TG form
Blank with Signature
  • Check box for Grades, Schedule Received and Select Date
  • Casenote Freshman status
  • Attach previous grades and current schedule in IRIS TG module
  • Enter # of credits
Submitted to FAO  
  • Divide resources and costs and copy to all terms except Summer (unless otherwise directed by DVR message)
Estimate Received from FAO/Review w/Consumer
  • Calculate the form upon receipt from FAO
  • Casenote review with consumer
  • Identify timeframe and costs if Exception is requested. (Exception amount is added to the TG amount.)
Waiting for census date/FAO Conformation  
  • Confirm/Adjust Resources
  • Confirm/Adjust Credits
  • Confirm/Adjust Cost of Attendance
Waiting for PO Payment
  • Add PO on bottom of term page
  • Complete alert recipient (person completing receiving)
  • Select activity code
  • Click PO Line
  • SAVE
  • Status tab in PO
  • Approve PO
  • SAVE
  • Complete Receiving to send to CCP
Can see payment details in individual student list under Purchase Orders
  • Send next term for to FAO
  • Close TG at end of year once all payments sent and required student documents received. Not before the end of the academic year.
Event DVR Reminders FAO Reminders
Skipping a term or no DVR Contribution for a term
Additional approved costs after initial payment made
  • Using Initial Authorization, create a new PO, Receive PO and send to CCP for payment
Refund to DVR

Additional Notes

Add PO Button:

  • Once the users click the Add PO button, it automatically Locks the Term and moves to the next Term (status is set to Blank TG w/ Signature).
  • If it is the last Term of the School Year, it automatically sets the Training Grant status to Completed/Closed.