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WIOA School-DVR Partnerships

Revised October 2019

Under WIOA, DVR is now an enhanced transition partner with schools, providing additional services and supports to increase employment outcomes for students with disabilities.

DVR and school staff will continue to collaborate and coordinate services for students with disabilities as outlined in the Transition Action Guide (TAG). Together, schools and DVR will ensure opportunities for students with disabilities to work toward integrated and competitive employment outcomes through the provision of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS).

WIOA Pre-Employment Transition Services and Definitions

Pre-ETS as defined in WIOA include:

  1. Job Exploration Counseling Services – Support for the student to learn about a variety of career options to make informed choices about current and future employment.
  2. Work-Based Learning Experiences – Provide opportunities for the student to gain hands-on experience to identify strengths and interests and develop skills for employment.
  3. Counseling on Opportunities for Enrollment in Comprehensive Transition or PostSecondary Educational Programs – Assist the student to achieve academic goals during high school and explore college and job training programs.
  4. Work Readiness Training – Support the student to build skills for increased independence at home and in the community.
  5. Instruction in Self-Advocacy – Provide information, guidance, and experiences for the student to gain self-knowledge and skills to appropriately express needs and opinions.

Best Practices in Service Coordination between DVR and Schools

To ensure successful coordination between DVR and schools, best practices include: