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Information for DVR Vendors and Statewide Service Providers

August 2022

The State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) purchases goods and services from a wide variety of vendors (also known as suppliers) and service providers. Those goods and services support a program of rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities to reach employment goals. This page intends to provide basic information and additional resources related to processing fiscal transactions and relay information about submission of reports if required to document a service.

Fiscal Requirements

The State of Wisconsin has a two-step process that suppliers and service providers must follow to become a vendor to state agencies like DVR. A STAR PeopleSoft file is used by DVR to maintain vendors for consumer purchases. DVR will access and view the vendor database from our case management system, IRIS. DWD's Administrative Services Division (ASD) will facilitate additions, changes, and inactivation in the STAR PeopleSoft vendor database with the Department of Administration (DOA). See the DOA Supplier Maintenance page for additional vendor information.

Step One: STAR

New Vendors

If the vendor is new to DVR and has not been set up in the State of Wisconsin STAR PeopleSoft vendor database, it will take approximately five (5) business days to activate a vendor file. This database is operated by DOA and is a required step for a vendor to be paid by the State of Wisconsin. DVR field staff works with vendors to verify authenticity and complete the paperwork, which includes several forms. Please take care in completing the forms for accuracy. Inaccurate submissions can cause delays. Contact your local DVR office to obtain these forms, which will be sent to you via email.

NOTE: If a vendor is found to have a financial obligation to the State of Wisconsin, they will be required to resolve the outstanding obligation to receive approval to provide a good or service to DVR.

Step Two: DVR Approval

New Vendor Review

To ensure a potential vendor is an appropriate provider, DVR will conduct a pre-audit review. DVR requires that all new vendors be reviewed by a Workforce Development Area (WDA) Director or Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Supervisor to ensure the vendor is appropriate for offering the services that are being requested. The reviewing supervisor must complete the approval in IRIS and include comments they made during the review.

For vendors who provide certain statewide services, DVR requires a separate agreement. Upon approval, these vendors are designated as Statewide Service Providers. That process and associated requirements can be found on the DVR Service Provider Information page.

Updating Existing Vendor

Once a vendor has been activated in the STAR PeopleSoft vendor file and wants to update information, additional forms are required.

The following actions can be completed by existing DVR vendors with assistance:

Completed form(s) should be returned via email to the local DVR office along with an effective date of the change and an indication that the agency or individual is a DVR Statewide Service Provider. DVR staff will then forward the completed forms to the DWD Vendors mailbox at

Forms received by the DWD Vendors mailbox will be reviewed and submitted to DOA, and the request will be entered within 3-to-4 business days (orders cannot be approved for the service provider until the name and address are entered). For DVR service providers, the DVR Contact Specialist will reassign the service provider record to the new Tax ID as close to the effective date as possible.


Inactivating an Existing Vendor

Contact your local DVR office to be inactivated as a vendor from the STAR PeopleSoft vendor file.

DVR Authorizations for Service

DVR requires that all services be pre-authorized:

DVR will issue an Authorization for Service, commonly called a purchase order (PO). This authorization will contain 'ship to' information for any item ordered that will be delivered. An order begins the date on which services should begin.

Each PO will include the following information:

For questions about a PO, contact the DVR office. Contact information can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the Purchase Order form. Other contact information may be included on the Purchase Order form for inquiries related to services and/or billing.

Sample Authorization for Service

Reporting Requirements

Goods or items purchased for a consumer generally do not require a report, however DVR will not pay an invoice until the consumer verifies delivery and satisfactory condition of the item. For DVR to pay for a service provided to a DVR consumer, a report describing the service is typically required, though not all services require reports. If you do not know your reporting responsibilities, contact the DVR office that issued your PO. All consumer reports must be accurate. Vendors must retain supporting documentation to verify service delivery. DVR reserves the right to request supporting documentation if reporting or billing discrepancies are identified or suspected.

Statewide service providers are required to submit formatted reports to DVR within five days following the end of a service. For formatted report templates, see the Required Reporting Templates on the Technical Specifications page.

How To Set-Up and Use DVR's Scanning Methods

Statewide Service Provider Webpage

Statewide Service Reports

Cancellation Fees

Vendors must identify established cancellation fees and policies with DVR at the time the service is arranged. The fees must be reasonable and customary for the service, business, and geographic area. DVR will not pay full price for services that are not rendered. DVR will not pay a cancellation fee for Medicaid eligible services. Statewide service providers cannot charge a cancellation fee per the signed Statewide Services agreement.

Invoicing Requirements

Vendors must submit an invoice after the service is provided and within 60 days from the end of the service. Invoices must accurately represent hours expended and/or deliverables that were completed and include:

Statewide Service Provider Invoice Requirements

All invoices submitted to DVR for payment must accurately represent a minimum of (1) hour expended by the Service Provider within the last 60 days or within the timeframe stated in the purchase order, or otherwise approved by DVR, and/or (2) payment for deliverables accepted by DVR within the last 60 days, or within the timeframe stated in the purchase order. All invoices must also request payment for hours or deliverables that the Service Provider has not previously claimed or been paid for on past invoices. Service Providers must certify compliance with these requirements by including the following certification on each invoice submitted to DVR for payment:

"I certify that the amount invoiced accurately represents hours expended and/or deliverables that were completed within the last 60 days or within the timeframe stated in the purchase order. I further certify that payment for the amounts and services claimed has not yet been received as of the date of this invoice."

Service Providers must maintain supporting documentation to verify the accuracy of all invoices submitted to DVR for payment, including documentation of accepted deliverables and documentation to support hours invoiced for salaried, hourly, or contracted staff. Supporting documentation for hours invoiced may include daily job timecards, payroll records, subcontractor invoices, etc. Service Providers are not required to submit supporting documentation with each invoice; however, within 15 business days of DVR's written request, the Service Provider must provide the supporting invoice documentation to DVR for review.

If DVR finds that the supporting documentation does not verify the accuracy of the amount the Service Provider invoiced DVR, DVR will notify the Service Provider in writing of the invoice discrepancy. The Service Provider must respond to DVR as outlined in the notice. DVR reserves the right to withhold payment of the invoice until the discrepancy is resolved. If the discrepancy is not resolved, DVR will only pay the Service Provider for the amounts that, at its sole discretion, it can verify based on the Service Provider's supporting documentation.

NOTE: If submitting an invoice for multiple consumers, in lieu of individual invoices, consider using a statement type invoice.

Invoice Submission

The preferred submission methods are to email electronic invoices to or fax to the DVR CCP Unit at 608-266-1133. If unable to send an electronic invoice or fax, mail to:

BOX 7852

DVR is unable to process or accept zip or compressed files. Microsoft Word or PDF files are acceptable.

Payment Information

The State of Wisconsin is tax exempt for all purchases. Sales to the Department of Workforce Development are exempt from taxation under the Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Law pursuant to Sec. 77.54(9a), Wisconsin Statutes. The Sales and Use Exempt Number is 008-1020421197-05 (Date issued, 04/09/1997). The DWD FEIN is 39-6006449.

DVR requires all services be prior authorized:

All invoices submitted to DVR for payment must accurately represent:

Purchase orders not invoiced within 60 days following good/service delivery will be cancelled.

The State of Wisconsin will typically pay properly submitted vendor invoices (not statements) within 30 days of receipt, provided that all reports, goods, or services have been delivered and accepted as specified. A good faith dispute creates an exception to prompt payment. The State of Wisconsin payment terms are net 30 days after receiving an invoice if services are provided as stated on the purchase order.