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Secure Online Internet Application File Upload Instructions (HTTPS)

Here is a detailed step-by-step process of uploading a file through the Internet for Employer Service Providers:

  • Access the Employer Service Provider Resource Page and click on the link on Employer Service Provider Online Services
  • Click on the login button and enter your User ID and Password to access the Employer Service Provider Home page.
  • Under the File Tax and Wage Report menu option select the link that says Contribution Tax Report File Upload. A screen will appear which requires you to provide us with contact information before you can upload your file to us. The contact information you provide is stored with your Login ID and Password so that the next time you upload a file to us this information is retained and you don’t need to re-enter it again.
  • Once the contact information has been completed click on the browse button near the bottom of the page and locate the file on your system that you want to upload to us. Once you have located and selected the file you then would click the submit button to transmit your file to us.
  • Once your file has been transmitted to us we immediately check the file to make sure it is in the valid Contribution Tax Report File Format. If the file is in the correct format you will receive a successful file upload message on your screen. The message will contain the name of the file you uploaded, date and time of the upload, number of reports in the file and a confirmation number of the upload. The confirmation number is assigned to each report in the file. We also will send out an email to you confirming that the file was uploaded to us successfully with the same information. If the file is not in the correct file format you will receive a message on your screen stating that the upload was not successful. The message will tell you the first record in the file it encountered that is not in the correct format. You would need to make any correction to your file on your end to fix the problem and try to upload the file again.
  • When a file is successfully uploaded to us it then goes through a detailed review process of each report in the file. The review looks at each report to see if it passes all edits in our system that would prevent a report from posting. This review process takes place at night and the results of the review normally should be available the next day. Once the review is complete you will receive an email telling you that the review is complete. The email will tell you the number of records we can process and the number we cannot. You may log back into your account to view the results of the review.
  • Only reports that pass all edits can be processed. Any reports that do not pass all edits are reported to you in an error report that you can view online and you would need to take any necessary corrective action to fix the problem that would not allow the report to process and submit to us another file of just those reports.
  • If all amounts in the payment amount field of the file (position 65-74) are populated with zero dollars you do not need to do anything else. The reports that passed the review will be processed.
  • If you populated the payment amount field (position 65-74) in your file with dollar amounts greater than zero in you must log back into your account to complete the processing of the reports without errors. On the Employer Service Provider home page select the link that says make EFT payment for a file upload.  Follow the instructions on that page to make your payment and complete processing of the file.
  • When processing of the reports has been completed you will be sent and email confirming how many reports have been processed. The status of the file will be updated to processed and the processing of the file is completed.