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ACH Credit Instructions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions should use the following ACH format for credit payments.

The ACH Credit must include the tax payment (TXP) banking convention within the addendum record of a NACHA CCD+ transaction.  The TXP conventions must be followed exactly for proper posting of payment.  Other addenda banking conventions should not be used.

NACHA records for CCD+ entries must appear in the following sequence:

  • File Header Record ("1" Record)
  • Company/Batch Header Record ("5" Record)
  • Entry Detail Record ("6" Record)
  • Addenda Record (Carries an 80 character free form field) ("7" Record)
  • Company/Batch Control Record ("8" Record)
  • File Control Record ("9" Record)

To create an ACH file, the Entry Detail Record ("6" Record) must be set up for the ACH Credit transaction file to include:

  • The State's depository bank's ABA (American Bank Association) Routing Transit Number in the Receiving Bank Number and Check Digit positions
  • US Bank - Milwaukee's ABA Routing Transit Number is 075000022
  • The Unemployment Insurance ACH Credit Bank Account number is 182845580

The following sections contain information on how to use the TXP Conventions within the Payment Related Information Field of the NACHA Addenda Record ("7" Record). For more specific information on NACHA formats, specifications and definitions, refer to the NACHA Operating Rules. Contact NACHA (703-561-1100) if you need further information.


Unemployment Insurance TXP*1234560007*13000*090331*T*249300*****XYZCOR\

This represents an addenda record for XYZ Corporation with unemployment insurance ID #123456-000-7 for unemployment insurance (13000) to be filed for the tax period ending March 31, 2009 paying $2,493.00.

Note that the Unemployment Insurance Account number in the Addenda record is just 10 digits and does not include any dashes.

TABLE 1 -- TXP Conventions for the Addenda Record for ACH Credits

Field Name
(Data Elements
& Separators)
  Segment Identifier       TXP
  Separator       *
TXP01 Taxpayer Identification M AN 1/15 XXXXXXXXX
  Separator       *
TXP02 Tax Type Code M ID 5/5 XXXXX
  Separator       *
TXP03 Tax Period End Date M DT 6/6 YYMMDD
  Separator       *
TXP04 Amount Type M ID 1/1 T
  Separator       *
TXP05 Amount M N2 3/10 $$$$$$$$¢¢
  Separator       *
TXP06 Amount Type O ID 1/1 Not Used
  Separator       *
TXP07 Amount C N2 3/10 Not Used
  Separator       *
TXP08 Amount Type O ID 1/1 Not Used
  Separator       *
TXP09 Amount C N2 3/10 Not Used
  Separator       *
TXP10 Taxpayer Verification O AN 1/6 XXXXXX
  Terminator       \

 TABLE 2 -- Definitions of TXP Conventions

Data Elements Separators
Segment Identifier Identifies the transfer as a tax payment. It must always be coded as TXP.
Taxpayer Identification Number This is a number which identifies your company to DWD-Unemployment Insurance. Enter your 10-digit UI Account Number in this field. (Do not space or zero fill in front or after the number)
Tax Type Code This field is always 5 characters in length. The Unemployment Insurance Tax Type Code is 13000
Tax Period End Date This date should be reported as the last day of the quarter being paid. For Special Assessment For Interest payment the date reported should be the due date of the special assessment.
Amount Type Indicates the type of payment. T = Tax
Amount This is the total amount paid. This is a variable length field (right justify). This field must always include cents and have a minimum of 3 digits.
Separator The separator is used to separate fields within a segment. The character to be used is the asterisk.
Taxpayer Verification The first six letters of your company name.
Terminator The segment terminator identifies the end of the free form portion of the addenda record and must always be a back slash.

TABLE 3 -- Definitions of TXP Conventions - Field Requirements

Indicator Field Requirements
M - Mandatory This field must appear in the TXP convention.
C - Conditional The presence of this field is dependent on the value or presence of other fields in the convention.
O - Optional The appearance of this field is the option of the sending party.

TABLE 4 -- Definitions of TXP Conventions - Data Element Types

Data Element Type
AN (Alpha-Numeric) A sequence of letters, digits, spaces, and/or special characters. The contents shall be left justified. Trailing spaces should be suppressed.
DT (Date) Format for the Date Type is YYMMDD. YY is the last two digits of the year (00-99), MM is the numeric value of the month (01-12), and DD is the numeric value of the day (01-31).
ID (Identifier) An identifier shall always contain a value from a predefined list of values (T = Tax).
N2 (Numeric) N indicates numeric and 2 indicates the decimal places to the right of a fixed, implied decimal point. The decimal point is not transmitted. It is intended that this number will always be positive for the TXP application. In the TXP convention the amount fields are defined as N2 type data elements. Thus, $1200.00 would appear as *120000*. The minimum number of digits for this data element is 3, so $0.01 would appear as *001*.

TABLE 5A -- Tax Type Information Table

Tax Type Tax Type
Routing No.
Bank Account
Unemployment Insurance 13000 075000022 182845580

Table 5B -- Tax Period and Filing Requirements

Tax Type Tax Period
End Date
ID Number
No Tax Due Other Info.
Unemployment Insurance The last day of the quarter.

Example: March 31, 2009 would be 090331
10 digit Unemployment Insurance Number formatted as shown in the sample addenda record. No EFT required. When paying your taxes by EFT you must continue to file your quarterly unemployment tax report. You may file your report electronically using the File Tax and Wage Reports online system under "Employer Services". If you file electronically do not send in a duplicate paper report. If filing the tax report on paper and paying by EFT, please leave blank or enter 0.00 on line 17 of the paper tax report (Total Amount Enclosed With This Report). Line 17 is only filled in with your payment amount when your payment is enclosed with the paper report. When paying by EFT and filing a paper report, mail your report to the Department of Workforce Development, Unemployment Insurance Division, PO Box 78960, Milwaukee, WI 53278.


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