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Frequently Asked Questions when submitting WC Employer's First Report of Injury or Disease (WKC-12) using the Insurers' Pending Report

  1. What do I do if I get an error message that the employer was self-insured at the time of injury?
  2. This error means that you are trying to enter a claim under an insurer or claim administrator that did not insure the employer at the time of injury. Check the date of injury. If it is correct, then check the Insurer and Claim Administrator drop down menus on the WKC-12 screen. The incorrect name, or names, may have been chosen by mistake. If this is the case simply select the correct name from the applicable drop down menus.

  3. What do I do if I get an error message that the employer was not self-insured at the time of the injury?
  4. This means that the employer did not have self-insurance status at the time of injury and its employees were covered by an insurance policy of an insurance carrier. If you know who the insurance carrier and/or claim administrator is, simply choose them from the applicable drop down menus on the WKC-12 screen. If the company name that you need does not show up on the drop down menus, then go back to the first screen that you reached after logging in and select the correct name from the "insurer or claim handler" drop down menu. If the company name that you need is also not on this drop down menu then you must request a report user key from the company's Security Administrator in order to submit claims for that company.

  5. Can I submit a WKC-13 as soon as I enter the WKC-12 information?
  6. Yes, as soon as you submit the WKC-12 and receive confirmation that it was accepted you can click on the "Enter WKC-13 Information " button on the confirmation screen.

  7. What if I have a medical only claim, or a claim that will be less than three days of lost time?
  8. Please do not submit these since we do not track these types of claims. If the injury will likely result in permanent disability, to be assessed and paid at a later date, then you can submit the WKC-12 when payment is made or a medical report is prepared.

  9. Do I need to send in our claims that are completely denied?
  10. You do not need to send the WKC-12 over the Internet and then deny it, as we do not track complete denials. Please be sure, however, to keep a copy of the denial letter in your file and that in the letter the claimant is notified of his or her right to a hearing.

  11. What if I want to re-open a claim that was formally closed and no longer appears on the pending report?
  12. After logging into the pending reports you will reach the home page. Click on the Claim Search button, and you will be taken to the Search page. Choose your Search By criterion (you have four choices) and then be sure to select Claim not pending required report as the Search For criterion. Enter your search value and click the Search button. When the claim displays at the bottom of the screen click on the WC Number hyperlink and then click on the Re-Open Claim button on the Claim Details screen.