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Historical Agreed Upon Bills

The “agreed bill” concept is a longstanding tradition of the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC). Under this concept, Council members agree to support the Council’s proposed changes in the Legislature and not to individually seek any changes to those proposals. The “agreed bill” process begins with the Council holding public hearings throughout the state. Testimony regarding amendments to the current statutes is taken from all interested sources, including representatives of labor, management, legal and health care professions, department staff and other interested parties. Testimony is summarized and presented to the Council in the form of specific amendments. The Council’s labor and management members negotiate the final amendment proposals. In order for any legislative proposals to be passed into the “agreed upon” bill process, the Council must pass it with unanimous agreement. Agreed bills must be approved by the Legislature and Governor to become law.

SB-673 WC Agreed Upon Bill for 2020 was introduced in the Wisconsin State Senate on January 8, 2020.
SB_665 WC Agreed Bill for 2018 was introduced in the Wisconsin State Senate on 12/21/2017
2015 Wisconsin Act 180, published March 1, 2016
AB-711 WC Agreed Bill for 2014 was introduced in the Assembly on 01/31/2014
2011 Wisconsin Act 183, effective April 17, 2012 and SB 409 (WC Agreed Bill for 2012)
2009 Wisconsin Act 206, published April 30, 2010
New Amendments to ch. 102, Stats., (2009 Wis. Act 206) effective May 1, 2010, Senate Bill-522
2007 Wisconsin Act 185, effective April 1, 2008
2005 Wisconsin Act 172, enacted March 21, 2006
2003 Wisconsin Act 144, enacted March 15, 2004
2001 Wisconsin Act 37, enacted December 17, 2001