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Governor's Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence

Workforce ecosystems and AI

David Kiron, Elizabeth J. Altman, and Christoph Riedl
Brookings Institution
April 13, 2023

Companies increasingly rely on an extended workforce (e.g., contractors, gig workers, professional service firms, complementor organizations, and technologies such as algorithmic management and artificial intelligence) to achieve strategic goals and objectives. When leaders are asked to describe how they define their workforce today, they mention a diverse array of participants, beyond just full- and part-time employees, all contributing in various ways.

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What History Tells Us About The AI Revolution


New technology can be scary. This video explores the 5th industrial revolution powered by AI and automation. How will it impact jobs?

The rise of ChatGPT signals rapid advancement in AI, leading many to worry about job loss. But history shows technology creates new jobs too. This video explains concepts like the Lump of Labor fallacy and Jevons Paradox.

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Generative AI is a tool in service of humanity

LinkedIn Learning

Generative AI is changing how people create. (light music) For the first time, humans are supervising and machines are generating. It's helping lift the dirty, dull, dangerous, and difficult tasks from humanity's shoulders so that people can simply focus on the very essence of work, the vision, the idea, and the purpose. It's a complete paradigm shift for the future of jobs.

Watch the "Generative AI is a tool in service of humanity" video on LinkedIn