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Layoff Notices and Updates Filed with DWD

In certain circumstances, federal and/or state law requires businesses laying off workers employed in Wisconsin to provide the State's Department of Workforce Development (DWD) with advance written notice of the layoffs.

More information about the federal and state notice laws

One purpose of these laws is to give DWD the opportunity to provide pre-layoff transition assistance (aka rapid response) to workers and businesses affected by permanent worker layoffs. DWD coordinates with regional workforce partners to deliver rapid response services such as: on-site, pre-layoff information sessions; workshops on topics such as resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, and budgeting; targeted job and resource fairs; and referrals to resources, including the Wisconsin Job Center network and

The layoff notices DWD receives do not represent a complete list of potential or actual layoffs in the state. Written notice to DWD is not required for all layoffs. Additionally, the number of workers ultimately laid off may differ from the number provided in the written notice for a variety of reasons, and DWD may not receive notification of the change.


Original Notice Types

Facility Closure
Workforce Reduction

Update Types

Change to Number of Affected Workers
Change to Layoff Schedule
Other Change
Rescission of Notice

* In instances where there are one or more revisions to the original layoff notice, the most recent revision reflects the total number of workers affected, as reported by the employer.

(This total is calculated based on "New Notices" submitted by employers during the calendar year, and it includes changes based on any updates submitted during the calendar year or subsequent years.)

Layoff notices from previous years may be requested from the Wisconsin Historical Society