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DVR Service Provider Portal User Guide

Users must be listed on the agency Service Agreement as Personnel (Subcontractors cannot be allowed access to the portal). Users must complete required trainings.

Accessing the portal

Username & Password

A username and password are created when an account is created. All users must have their own account. Usernames cannot be changed. If a password is forgotten, click the Forgot your ID or password and follow the instructions.

Service Provider Portal Login

After 5 attempts of using the wrong password, the account will be locked, and a user must go to DWD/Wisconsin Logon Management System or contact the IT Solutions Center to answer the security question used when creating the account. IT Solutions Center (608) 266-7252 Monday through Friday 6:00 am – 5:00 pm.

  • Agencies must have staff listed on the Personnel tab and all requirements completed prior to DVR being able to approve a new registration request.
  • Staff Roles - Agencies determine the level of access their staff have based on designating roles. All roles require scanning to be selected.
  • Scanning Role - Send in reports electronically to DVR through a web portal or FTPS Site.
  • Staff Role - View the details, locations, request for assistance and accessibility menu items.
  • Administration Role - View all menu items: details, location, personnel, subcontractor, and agreement. They are not able to sign agreements. No limit on how many per agency.
  • Main Contact Role - View all menu items: details, location, personnel, subcontractor, and agreement. They sign agreements. Limited to one per agency. This individual is the recipient of all DVR statewide communications.
  • Other Role - Attach files to the case, access purchase orders, beneficial to staff responsible for invoicing. No access to the FAR, IPE, agreement, or shared documents, unless assigned to PO line for consumer.
  • Invoicer - Create and submit invoices electronically. Receives invoicing request alerts. Needs to include the role of either Staff or Other.


Home Page

Displays any System Messages of Scheduled down times of the application.

Details Tab

Agency information related to services provided, Counties/Communities and WDA's served, and agency autobiography. At least one county and community within county must be selected per WDA served. Editable for Main Contact and Administrator roles, read only for all other roles.

Abbreviation Code: Used when submitting reports to DVR.

  • Can be up to 10 characters
  • At the discretion of the Main Contact
  • Must be unique. Error message will appear if code already in use.

Location Tab

Holds all the locations where DVR consumers are served. Active and Inactive status and each Personnel has a location associated with them. Include at least one location per county served. Locations must be public, confidential, accessible, and readily available to serve DVR consumers. Examples include an office, public library, local job center, etc.

Personnel (Main Contact and Administrator only) Tab

Enter all employees who provide statewide services to DVR consumers here. Update Agency End Date (when employees leave), assign or change staff role, location, contact information, job title, designate if emails are requested, and document required training.

My Personnel Info Tab

This is where employees can select the option to receive emails for when a new PO has arrived (Main Contact and Administrator only), when a new PO has been assigned to you, and when a new message has been received. Each employee can personalize as desired and it is updateable. Remainder of the page is disabled for Staff, however updateable by Main Contact or Administrator.

Subcontractor Tab (Main Contact and Administrator only)

Enter all personnel that are classified as Subcontractor of your agency.

Agreement Tab (Main Contact and Administrator only)

Access to previous and current Service Agreements. This is where a new agreement is created. Only the Main Contact can submit the agreement. Current agreement cycle is for 2 years, the next renewal will be effective July 1, 2022.

Request for Assistance Tab

Ability to send a message to DVR Contract Specialist and Portal Specialist from within the portal.

Demand vs. Supply Dashboard Tab

Displays information on Consumer Demand (based on current statewide service authorizations) and Supply (based on information reported within a Service Provider’s portal account i.e. services provided, number of staff providing service and counties where services are provided).

Accessibility Tab

Provides users with accessible options.

Search Tab

Purchase Orders/DVR Consumers. All users have access to this option. Staff can only search for Purchase Orders or Consumers that have been assigned to them. Main Contact and Administrators have access to search on all staff. This is where staff find all (Active and Inactive PO's) by using these criteria: PO Number, Begins With, VR2, Staff Search.

DVR Consumers (Main Contact and Administrator only). One search that will display all Active and Inactive PO's and Consumers issued to the agency. Expandable view by utilizing the Check All/Uncheck All option.

Mass Transfer (Main Contact and Administrator only). Functionality to transfer individual PO's or entire case load from one staff to another. Select the staff that is currently assigned from the dropdown box and click View Orders. All PO lines will be checked to transfer. Uncheck All or Uncheck line by line any lines not wanting to transfer. Select the new staff to be assigned in the Transfer to dropdown box and click Transfer Selected.

Invoicing Tab (Main Contact, System Administrator, and Invoicer Roles)

Invoicing Search can search by Invoice or Purchase Order by number. Can search by individual Status Only (all other criteria are blank); can search by Field, Operator and Criteria as one search (all other criteria are blank); can search by Starting Create Date and results will include all invoices started that date or later; can search by Ending Create Date and results will include all invoices started prior to that date; can search by Starting Create Date and Ending Create Date for invoices started between the date range.

Alerts Tab

Ability to click to get to Alert List without going back to the Home Page.

My Work List Tab

Displays all Active PO's assigned to me. No one can view any other employee's My Work List. Ability to hide columns if you do not wish for them to display in the grid. Highlight unwanted column, Apply Filter. To retrieve a hidden column, select the top blank option and Apply Filter. Sortable by any of the column headers. Expandable view by utilizing the Check All/Uncheck All option. Click on the Consumer Name to go to the Consumer Summary (Contact, Attachments, Messages, Purchase Orders, Guardian, IPE, and FAR tabs) or click on the Purchase Order number to open it.


Removeable or action alert. Removeable alerts will have a checkbox that can be checked, and the alert will be removed. Action alerts require taking the action (assigning a PO line) and once the action is completed the alert auto removes. Able to view all by clicking Alert List. Able to view by Alert Type from Homepage by clicking hyperlink for each type.

Alert Type

  • DVR shared attachment. Once a PO line has been assigned to a Staff and DVR shares an attachment with the Provider, an alert is generated to the assigned staff. Clicking on the hyperlink under Message will open the attachment. Removeable alert
  • Follow Up Messages. These are messages you have previously read, and you selected a Follow Up due date for another alert to remind you to investigate at a future time. Removeable alert.
  • Invoice Requested. Staff can send the alert to the Invoicer Role with the ability to share what Order Line, number of units, Dates of Service, and any other pertinent information. Alert sent to Invoicer, Main Contact and Administrator Roles. When the Request is made it will show a Request Status of Submitted and is editable by staff if it needs more information by clicking on the hyperlink. Once the Invoicer processes the request and removes the alert the Request Status will become disabled for editing and will move to Request Status of Processed. Removeable alert.
  • Messages. DVR staff can send portal users messages after a PO line has been assigned. Alert Type will indicate Read or Unread to assist users.
  • Overdue Message Follow Up. The follow-up date you selected has passed.
  • PO is Added to Waitlist. Information only.
  • PO is Removed from Waitlist. Information only.
  • Purchase Order Date Changed. Separate alerts if a PO Begin Date, End Date or Both Dates have been changed. Alert sent to Administrators and staff assigned to a PO line. Removeable alert.
  • Purchase Order Cancelled/Finalized. Alert includes the Consumer Name and PO number. Removeable alert.
  • Purchase Order Changed. Message includes the information that has been changed (Unit Price or Item Quantity). Click on the hyperlink and on the PO line you will see the old value and the new value.
  • Purchase Order Line Assigned. Alert goes to Staff assigned to perform the work. Message includes the type of service on the PO line.
  • Purchase Order Voided. Alert generated if DVR creates and voids a PO in the same day.
  • Purchase Orders waiting for Assignment. Alert generated to Main Contact and Administrators when a new approved PO arrives. Message includes the WDA of the consumer and the type of service. Alert will remain until all PO lines have been assigned to a Staff. Once one Main Contact or Administrator assigns all lines on the PO the alert will auto remove from everyone's alert list.

Alert Type

To view specific types of alert, click the drop down, highlight the type you want to view and click Apply Filter.


Option to receive emails for new PO approved (Main Contact and Administrators only), when a new PO has been assigned to you, and when a new message has been received. Each employee can personalize as desired on their My Personnel Info tab (on vacation may wish to not receive alerts until back to work).


  1. Assigning Purchase Orders (Main Contact and Administrator Roles only can assign). Only one individual may be assigned to one PO line at a time. Staff do not have the ability to change this, if need to be reassigned must contact Main Contact or Administrator to change. Can assign multiple staff to a multi-line PO.
  2. Active PO versus Inactive PO. Active PO means today is in between the PO Order Begin Date and the Order End Date. Inactive PO means today is within PO End Date + 90 days. Only Active PO's show on the My Work List. A PO Search will display both Active and Inactive PO's. This is where staff find all (Active and Inactive PO's) by using these criteria: PO Number, Begins With, VR2, Staff Search.
  3. Alert Type

  4. Invoicing. It is preferable that invoices be submitted monthly. DVR may identify acceptable invoicing frequency in the PO description depending on the type of service. Ability to have multiple in process invoices for those agencies that invoice by service type. Once invoice is reviewed, user must navigate to General Information Tab and Verify the FEIN number and remit to address populated in the Vendor Information are correct, if not, invoice cannot be submitted until correct paperwork has been approved by Department of Administration.
  5. Invoicer Role can create an invoice by:
    • Clicking on the Invoice Requested Alert hyperlink and click the checkbox for the appropriate order line and Create Invoice For Selected Line(s);

    • Alert Type

    • Perform a Purchase Order/DVR Consumer Search to find the appropriate PO, open it and start an invoice as above.
    • Perform a DVR Consumer Search, check the appropriate order lines and click Create Invoice For Selected Line(s).
    • Perform an invoice search, find, and open invoice. Users can search by only the Status; by Starting Create Date and Ending Create Date only; or any combination of Invoice Number or Purchase Order Number, depending on what information you know. Once an invoice has been created user can continue to add PO lines to it throughout the month. Perform an invoice search, find, and open invoice. On the Invoice Lines tab, you will click on the Import Order Lines button to add more PO lines. A quantity of each PO line must be entered before saving. If invoicing more units to a PO line that already exists on a Draft-In Process invoice you change the quantity on the existing invoice line, do not import the same order line. Electronic invoices are limited to 100 purchase order lines.
    • Receipts. Invoices that require receipts to be included can be handled by attaching a receipt to the consumers attachment tab. On the invoice line you can click the Associate Attachment, highlight the correct file, and click Share. Save the invoice.

    Once the FEIN number and remit to address are verified and the box checked, the Submit to DVR button is enabled. Once an invoice is submitted it is read only in the portal and the status becomes Submitted to DVR. You will be able to search by the Status as the invoice moves through the approval process. Agencies will have access to invoices for 12 months after it has been submitted. It is strongly encouraged to perform a print or file save as the invoice to preserve historical information. As DVR finance processes the invoice, the General Information tab on the invoice in the portal will be updated to show: Last Updated By: DVR.

    Status List

    • Draft-In Process: Invoice can be edited, added to, has not been Submitted to DVR
    • Submitted to DVR: Invoice has been reviewed and submitted to DVR, however, has not been processed by DVR. Submitting the invoice will 1). Make the invoice no longer editable by the user; and 2). Reduce the Remaining Balance and Remaining Units on the Purchase Order lines.
    • Canceled-Voided: DVR has Voided the invoice. At the time DVR Voids an invoice, it will return any Remaining Balances and Remaining Units to the Purchase Order lines.
    • In Process by DVR: DVR finance has opened the invoice but has not yet started to process it.
    • Pending by DVR: DVR finance has started the validation process. DVR field staff now have access to the invoice.
    • Approved by DVR: DVR finance has approved the invoice.

  6. Purchase Order Summary will display the PO and have the Messages tab. User can click the hyperlinks after Case Name or Consumer Name to navigate to the Consumer Summary. Messages sent from the Purchase Order Summary screen will populate the DVR staff of: Case Facilitator, Case Contact and Billing Contact, it maybe 1 – 3 staff. Ability to Add or delete staff by clicking those buttons. New Invoices tab on the Purchase Order Summary will hold invoices that include the Purchase Order lines. Staff can view only the Purchase Order line assigned to them. Main Contact, Administrator and Invoicer roles will be able to see all Purchase Order lines in this view.
  • Consumer Summary will display the tabs of Contact information, Attachments, Messages, Purchase Orders, if there is a legal guardian the tab will display with contact information, and if DVR granted permission to view the IPE and/or FAR there will be a tab for each. Employment History will display when a Job Development activity code has been authorized onto a PO.
  • Attachments. This is where users can upload reports directly to the IRIS case file. Users can see all reports loaded in this fashion as long as access is granted. Click the dropdown to highlight the Attachment Type. Enter the Report Year and Report Month (this is the month you are reporting on, not when the report is submitted) and browse to find your report. Save Attachment. This is also where users will find reports that DVR has shared with them. These reports will not have the checkbox Uploaded by Service Provider checked. Users can not delete reports. If report attached in error reach out to the Case Facilitator for approval to remove and the request will be forwarded on.
  • Messages. DVR cannot message providers until the PO line has been assigned. A message created from the Consumer Summary will prepopulate the DVR Case Facilitators name. Recipients can be deleted out of a message prior to sending, once a message is sent you cannot remove any previous recipients on the message.
  • Purchase Orders. Staff can view all PO lines that they are assigned to. Main Contact and Administrators can view all PO lines to the agency here.
  • FAR/IPE/Guardian Tabs on the Consumer Summary. If there is a legal guardian, the tab will display with contact information. If DVR granted permission to view the FAR and/or IPE there will be a tab for each.
  • Employment History on the Consumer Summary.

Employment History tab (Hire Reporting)

  • After a Purchase Order has been approved with a Job Hire Activity Code on it, the Consumer Summary will display the Employment History Tab.
  • Users will click Create New Employment to generate the Employment Report.
  • Validation will identify all required fields.
  • 2 tabs, Employment (required fields) and Status Information (this is where portal users Submit to DVR).
  • Employment can be saved and left in process if it is necessary to gather additional information. Clicking Save or Close will return user to Consumer Summary page.
  • Employment must be saved once to enable the Benefits to be completed.
  • Employment must be submitted prior to being visible to DVR staff.
  • Will become Read Only to portal user once submitted.
  • Once Submitted DVR Case Facilitator will receive an alert. Any DVR staff can see the employment report.
  • DVR staff review, and if completed will Approve it, which will generate an alert "Employment Report has been Approved".
  • If DVR review determines report is inadequate and needs revision, DVR will route back to provider, this will generate an alert to the assigned provider staff "Employment Report has been Returned for Changes". Employment will now be editable until user submits it back to DVR. Check Status Information tab to see if DVR included comments about their concerns. Edit document as necessary and submit.
  • If DVR will not be supporting the hire, DVR staff will Disapprove. This will generate an alert to the assigned provider staff "Employment Report has been Disapproved".
  • DVR's actions will update the Status Information tab.
  • Once DVR Approves and sets the Employment as Active/Status 22 the portal will display the number of Days Employed on the Employment tab, under the Start Date.
  • *Status 22/Employed cannot be set by DVR if the Start Date is in the future. DVR staff will receive an alert when the Start Date has arrived, to set it as Active. Then the Days Employed will display in the portal.